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AnthonyMcEwen 12-20-13 08:00 AM

Your Love film Experience?
Hay guys, I am thinking of getting lovefilm.

I want to watch movies cheaply on-line and this is a great solution, however I also want to view the latest blockbusters as well (lovefilm also do a DVD rent service so you can get the latest films on DVD and Blue ray even if you cant stream them) so cant use netflix, have used them in the past but never had a good selection and no new movies at all.

I will use the free trail then become a member but I don't want to sign up as I heard it can be a pain to cancel and they still take your money???

It looks good on the advert and there website, there prices seem good, and the reviews look good from company's ect.

however i have seen a lot of customers complain about love-film, especially if you ever need to cancel and the customer service since Amazon took them over but as you all know people only ever complain about the bad things no the good, so should I steer clear or is it a good service.

So anyone who uses love film what do you think of it is it any good?

Astrozombie 07-10-14 02:35 AM

Sounds like a scam dude...

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