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903house 02-23-14 06:01 AM

ISO Cycling/Bicycle Children's Book Recommendations
Any parents out there have any recommendations for children's cycling books? My kid has enough firetruck books to keep the fire going all night...which he loves. Would like to get him reading (or rather listening to us read) him books about the bike.

I know there are some out there, but which ones have any of you had luck with your kids actually enjoying and wanting you to read to them again?

Thanks in advance.


william_just 05-11-14 11:59 AM

To be honest, I don't know of any children's cycling books - not story books, anyway. (If you come across any I'd love to know what they are.) Indeed, this was one of the reasons why I've just written and illustrated my own kids' book about cycling, which I'm intending to publish later this year (assuming the Kickstarter fundraising campaign is successful). More info TBA but for now you can see the book here:

Young Bikers



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