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katsrevenge 04-11-14 09:27 PM

The "Murder She Wrote" Bikes
I can't be the only one who is watching this show. It's on Netflix now, and well, I grew up on it. So, it's a trip down memory lane for me.

I can't help but notice all of the bikes in this show. They must have had a small horde of them. :twitchy:

...anyone know what any are? I'm pretty sure I spotted a few Wald racks and baskets... maybe a Schwinn?

Dave Cutter 04-11-14 09:44 PM

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Not a Schwinn.

katsrevenge 04-12-14 01:55 PM

She has at least three. There is that one, a dark green/brown looking one with a bell and hand brakes/gear wires (the one I thought might be a Schwinn) and a reddish looking one.

I wish I knew how to grab screen shots. that I have noticed them.. it's bugging me! LOL

deeth82 05-08-14 07:29 AM

My mother read all of the books (props to cover artists for involving skulls in background objects) and watched every episode. I used to always tell her that if I were Jessica Fletcher I would be a recluse...almost everywhere she goes, death is sure to follow. ;-)

katsrevenge 06-03-14 10:09 PM

I've made it to the last few seaosons. I actually enjoy how they have turned her ablity to find murdered people into a running joke. My gram loves the books. I pick them up for her from time to time in used book shops. I may just have to read a few.

And, there are so very many bikes in that show. It seems most out of doors shots has at least one or two.

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