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Brian 04-07-07 10:56 PM

Please read before posting!
This forum is only for charity events. If you are running an event and need participants, sponsors, or volunteers, feel free to post here. If you are a participant looking for sponsors, you can post here as well.

Links to not-for-profit sites are allowed, and encouraged. If you would like other members to contact you, please have them do it by PM, or use the email function. We would prefer that you not post your email here, as that will probably cause you to get some spam.

Success stories welcome!

urban rider 04-10-07 08:13 PM

I am looking for sponsors for my charity ride. I will be riding the Underground railroad route by adventurer's cycling in July 2007 ( short version) I want to bring attention and raise funds for a homeless program for women and their children in Detroit, Positive Images. Anyone interested in this event , please contact me by PM Thanks

Gas, the cost of a can of beans

Brian 04-10-07 08:40 PM

Urban, I sent you a PM. You'll want to create a thread just for your event.


Brian 04-18-07 04:56 PM

Please note! You may use this forum to solicit sponsors, but the donations must go to the charity. We cannot allow requests for donations to cover your personal expenses related to participation. If you need sag, parts, or transport, you will need to do that on your own. All donations should be in the name of the charity.

TRACKMAN 05-05-07 01:22 PM

I have until the 21st of May 2007 to reach my goal of $2000 USD.
No contribution too small
please visit my site

ken cummings 06-22-08 03:19 PM

Any one out there doing the 66 mile route on the ALA ride north of San Francisco next weekend? I've been slotted into the Tomales-Petaluma rd / Chileno Valley road intersection as a course marshall. As in last year when I see someone coming in fried I give them a map of the short, easy way back to the start. Temps are expected to be 10-15 degrees hotter then last year. Come to think of it I'd better bring lots of extra water for them.

SambaMixte 03-25-09 12:41 AM

I'm looking for sponsors (or riders) for Nebraska's Tour de Cure 2009, at Springfield NE. Last year our 5 person gathered just over $1600 and we are hoping to beat that total this year- if only winter would go away! Try these links to my page or my team page! Looks like paste and place when I write this

team page for CMS-UP


Thanks for your support!

twobadfish 12-27-10 12:39 PM

I was just browsing through and thought it would be nice if the location was in the thread title. Just a thought.

CharityAffairs 01-03-11 10:28 AM

Charity Event Calendar
Hey All-

I wanted to let everyone know that there is a new Charity Event Calendar available and wanted to encourage everyone to check this location for upcoming charity bike events and encourage anyone aware of any events to share the information on


jrawk1120 05-23-11 03:24 PM

Charity ride.
I am planning a charity ride in the end of August early September. It will be for MS Society. I plan on riding from Boston, MA to Washington D.C. I will be using the East Coast Greenway. Any help on planning would be helpful. I am new to the long distance riding, actually fresh. I will have a few riders, hopefully one with a NJ to FL trip under his belt. If anyone wants to join, I would like that. I am also looking for sponsors. PM me with details.

miniguez 02-27-13 05:15 AM

I'm trying to write a new post to describe my charity ride and to ask for help to establish a route. I cannot see how to start one. Thanks in advance,

no1mad 03-05-13 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by miniguez (Post 15322123)
I'm trying to write a new post to describe my charity ride and to ask for help to establish a route. I cannot see how to start one. Thanks in advance,

For future reference, you start a new thread by hitting the 'Post New Thread' button just above the Forum Title on the Forum index page.

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