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VastCrew 08-11-13 03:47 AM

Fall Event - MD, DE or NJ
We are looking for a charity ride during later September or even better in October that our family can participate.

Know of any happening in the MD, DE, NJ or I guess part of PA would qualify!

Hoping to find a smaller event that allows kids to participate and raises money for a great cause!

HigherGround 08-11-13 10:42 AM

There's the MS 150 City to Shore ride in NJ on September 28 and 29, the Sea Gull Century in MD on October 5, and the Camp Hill Challenge in PA on October 20th. I have ridden all of these events, so let me know if you want more details. Good luck!

VastCrew 08-11-13 01:16 PM

Thanks HigherGround!

We are looking at the Seagull Century. I'm curious if the wind is always a challenge because of the location? The ride also doesn't seem to support anything? Just a fun group ride?

Also looking at the ms150. It seems it requires riders to be over 12. I do have one under 12 that would like to ride. He would be on a tagalng behind me so I have a question in to see what is allowed.

I was hoping to find a smaller local organization that isn't typically as well advertised. In the past we have found a couple military groups offering a fundraiser and also sick or ill patients that had organized events but not finding any this fall!

HigherGround 08-11-13 10:22 PM

Regarding the Sea Gull Century: Yes, the wind can be challenging. Last year, it was pretty tough; the year before wasn't too bad. There are definitely times when the tailwind is nice, but the headwinds can be brutal! Here is a link to the event's charitable connections.

Regarding the MS 150: Good point. To be honest, I haven't done that event since the mid 80's, so I'm sure a lot has changed since then. The second day of the MS 150 can be tougher than the first, because you're more likely to have a headwind coming back, plus a slight elevation gain. Plus many people get caught up in the excitement of the first day and over-do it a bit!

The Camp Hill Challenge may fit what you're looking for, in terms of a smaller local event / organization. I did that ride a few years ago, and have good memories. The course was scenic, well-marked, and had very little traffic. There were some hills, certainly more than on the other 2 events, but nothing too hideous.

sixgears 08-12-13 08:25 AM

I believe the Twin Lights ride is on September 29th at the Jersey Shore starting in the Sandy Hook area. This event is organized by Bike NY.

VastCrew 08-12-13 10:44 AM

Thanks SixGears, I hadn't seen this ride advertised anywhere that I checked yet!

sixgears 08-13-13 07:33 AM

Here's a link if you're interested.

seth995 08-13-13 01:40 PM

My family and I are doing the Western Maryland Kidney Ride on Sept 28th. I just started another thread on it... Feel free to join our team if you would like...
The longest distance is only 44 miles and it on the ATA trail which is at most 1% grade for the entire distance. I will be pulling my children on a double tag along for the full 44 miles.

lenny866 08-19-13 05:17 AM

If NY is a consideration, here is one, to benefit a local cyclist, in beautiful Washington County. Washington County is directly east of Saratoga and Lake George. I plan on doing this one, the county is great for riding. CAMBRIDGE VALLEY CYCLING FALL BENEFIT RIDE FOR VAN

indyfabz 08-19-13 01:55 PM

When did the Sea Gull become a charity ride?

OP: This will be my 22nd consecutive City-to-Shore. It's huge. Could be as many as 7,000 people or even more. I would not recommend it for children unless they are used to large groups. Also, there is a minimum age. Can't remember it exactly off the top my head, but I think it's 12 or 13. One advantage to the ride is that you can ride one-way and take a free bus back to the start. You don't have to ride back the second day. And at this point, finding affordable lodging in Ocean City would probably be difficult. Also, there are different starting points with shorter mileages than the 78 from Cherry Hill. Starting at one of the alternative loxcations allows you to avoid the masses that leave from Cherry Hill.

GoodCyclist 08-27-13 10:51 PM

GoodCyclist: Largest directory of U.S. charity cycling events
GoodCyclist is the largest online directory of U.S. charity cycling events. Also on Twitter: @GoodCyclist

HigherGround 08-28-13 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by indyfabz (Post 15977707)
When did the Sea Gull become a charity ride?

I wouldn't call it a charity ride per se, but it does have opportunities for fund raising for various groups, and (from their site) "a portion of proceeds over and above Century ride expenses go toward the Sea Gull Century Scholarship Fund at SU." link

buckwheat987 08-30-13 03:36 PM

Tour De Cure out of Asbury Park on Sept 21

spivonious 09-10-13 10:35 AM

Dream Ride Lancaster 2013 on 9/21.

Distance options ranging from 10 miles to a century.

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