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HigherGround 08-11-13 10:47 AM

2013 LiveStrong Challenge Philly
Are any members doing it this year? I will be doing at least the 65 mile course, maybe the 100 if I'm feeling good that day.

indyfabz 08-19-13 01:57 PM

I was riding in Berks County near Huff's Church Rd., which is on the route. I hear only a few hundred people came through the nearby rest stop. Last year it was over 1,000. Any idea of how many people in total rode the event?

HigherGround 08-28-13 09:32 AM

I think there were 1,000 or 1,100 cyclists on Sunday. There was definitely a lot less participation this year. I expected that, but I was still shocked by how few there were compared to previous years. There used to be a traffic jam on 202 to get in to the campus, and the parking lots were full. This year, I drove right up with just a car or two turning in to the lot in front of me. At the start, there were big gaps between the staging areas for the different distances. I'd guess there was a quarter or a third of the turn out compared to the peak years.

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