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seth995 08-13-13 01:33 PM

National Kidney Foundation - Western MD Kidney Ride Sept 28th
My wife and I have decided to do a 44 mile ride in support of the National Kidney foundation. (I will be pulling our kids on a double tag along behind my bike) I have done a small write up on why we are doing this ride at the following link, but to recap..
In Sept '10 my daughter contracted Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) a rare disease that quickly destroys red blood cells and causes immediate kidney failure. While her kidneys are fully functional now, for the 2+ weeks in Johns Hopkins in Baltimore MD, we were unsure whether she would survive, require transplants, or life long dialysis.
Moving forward, their is still a fair amount of uncertainty. She is still under the care of the Pediatric Nephrology department at Johns Hopkins and will have to carefully monitor her kidney functions through major milestones of life.
Obviously we are hoping that the money we raise for this ride and future events will never have to be funneled back to our daughter for support as she grows and instead goes to families and patients that need the help. On the flipside, I also don't want to take the chance that she will need it and others have done their part but I have not done mine.
An amazing number of friends and family were incredibly supportive and helpful both through Facebook and the non virtual world while were were dealing with the day to day of doctor's visits and blood tests. We have never forgotten that outpouring of support, and never will. I ask that you be equally supportive in this foundation's endeavors to better the lives of Kidney patients and their families as well.
If you wuold like to join our team and ride the ride with us please do so by using the following link, There are varying distances made for any athletic level...
If you want to donate please do so at the following link
Any amount would be hugely appreciated. thank you for your support.

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