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oldnslow2 09-13-13 07:06 PM

Cycle for Survival -
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On March 1, 2014 I’ll be participating in Cycle for Survival at Equinox in Roslyn. It’s a fund raiser for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and 100% of the donations go to rare cancer research. So far $31.5 million dollars has been raised since 2007.

The event is (4) 45 minute sessions on a spin bike and to say it’s intense is an understatement.

I ride 4 Sue.
I’ve known Sue since 1973. January of 2011 she was diagnosed with a glioblastoma (Brain Cancer) and had surgery to remove the tumor. Three months later it grew back so it was removed again. There is no cure for this type of brain cancer and the median survival rate is 15 months. Well, after radiation and chemo she has had no regrowth and is in the 1% that has survived this long.

Unfortunately in August of 2013 they found a lump in her breast and after a biopsy, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had a double mastectomy a few weeks later underwent chemo again.

The good news is the breast cancer has been cured, but the brain cancer will never be. It will grow back.

I ride for future generations.
There is no miracle cure for Sue, but the money raised will fund research that will help the next generation.

If you can make a donation please go to You will be sent to our team’s web page on MSKCC’s website. Scroll down and click on my name to get to my personal page. No donation is too small, those $1 and $5 donation do add up. Your donation is secure since it’s handled by MSKCC’s site… I see nothing other than a donation was made.

Join the Battle and help find a cure for rare cancers so there won’t be any more stories like Sue’s.


Glenn Ring

oldnslow2 02-09-14 06:57 PM

The event is just 3 weeks away and fund raising has been brisk.

Team Gray Matter has raise over $15,000 and i've raised over $3000.

There's still time to donate and remember that your donation goes directly to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and 100% goes to research.

oldnslow2 03-02-14 10:35 AM

What an amazing event. The energy and positive vibe fills the room.

The survivor stories really make you think how strong people are. But the kids stories bring a lot of strong emotions to the surface and just makes you want to try to raise more donations next year.

Sue was invited to ride the "Founder's" Bike. We knew she'd have to take it easy and guessed she'd ride it for 5-10 minutes.... WRONG, she rode it for the entire 45 minute session.

Here's some numbers, I raised, with thanks to you, almost $4000. Team Gray Matter raised over $2,000. Cycle for Survival has grown to 13 cities and this year has raised $19,476,731 and $50,600,000 since it started in 2007. 100% of the funds raised go directly to research for rare cancers and have funded 85 clinical trials and research studies.

YOU made a difference and I hope I can count on you next year and the year after that until there's no longer a reason for this event.
Sue rode the "Founder's" bike for the entire 45 minute session.

bikehog164 03-15-14 11:06 AM

Wow I'm sorry to have only found the page a few days late. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend Sue and hope all the best for you, and hope that next year to see if I can make it.

oldnslow2 12-10-14 10:42 AM

It's that time again, this will be the 3rd year i'm participating in Cycle for Survival.

My friend Sue is doing well and still fighting. But my mother was diagnosed with a GIST tumor and had surgery to have it removed. In the followup they found she also had lung cancer.

This just shows that you never know when cancer will strike.

100% of your donation goes to research, not paying high salaries or any administrative cost.

Cycle for Survival has a team and personal web page, you can read about the event, where the money goes and some of the reasons why i'm doing this.

No amount is too small.

We have all been personally touched by cancer and with more research we can offer those suffering from it with hope and quality of life.

oldnslow2 01-28-15 07:28 AM

There's 10 days left and I'm $119 short of $3000.

Please help push me over the top.

Your donation is tax deductible and 100% goes to research.

oldnslow2 02-03-15 03:01 PM

I made my $3000 goal and our team passed our $20,000 goal.

There's still a few days left so if you can, please donate.

oldnslow2 01-07-16 01:51 PM

Another year has passed and we're still Cycling for Survival. This year's goal is $25,000.

Please help us reach that goal. Even $5 and $10 donations help. And remember that every penny goes to research. Not one cent is used for administration or publicity. Also your donation is tax deductible.

Cycle for Survival: Long Island: Glenn Ring - 2016 Events

oldnslow2 02-27-16 12:47 PM

The event is just one week away and today our team passed the $20,000. It's not too late to donate..

100% of your donation will be researching cures for rare cancers in just 6 months.

Cycle for Survival: Long Island: Glenn Ring - 2016 Events

oldnslow2 01-18-17 10:10 AM

I'm doing it again the March 2017. I've already raised $3000 and there's 7 weeks to the event.

Please help fund rare cancer research. Your donation goes directly to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. My website forwards to MSKCC's site.

In 2016, $30,000,000 was raised and here's where it went:

oldnslow2 03-13-17 08:57 PM

The event was last week and our team raised over $26,000.

oldnslow2 09-03-17 07:37 PM

So i've been invited for the kickoff event September 27th at Times Square. I'll be at the 12:00 time slot and spinning with many others. WCBS 2 usually covers the event, so check the 6:00pm news and you might see me.

Here's some of the latest investments in research:$34-Million-in-Rare-Cancer-Research-in-2017-625339

oldnslow2 09-07-17 12:32 PM

Registration just opened so my donation page is now active.

Cycle for Survival: Long Island: Glenn Ring - Cycle for Survival

Please help me get the ball rolling.

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