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Tom Stormcrowe 11-25-13 07:05 PM

People For Bikes: Give the Joy of a Great Bike Ride
Give the joy of a great bike ride

to The Generous membership of
People for Bikes

Dear Bike Forums Members,

Itís that time of year: the air has a nip, the evening sets in quickly, and you have to pedal fast to keep warm.

Get a bottle opener with your $25 donation

At PeopleForBikes, we love our winter rides. And we are committed to ensuring that all Americans can share in the joyful experience of their own favorite bike ride throughout the year. You can help us make bicycling better by donating today.

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Our programs help communities build bike lanes and paths, boost support for bicycling networks, make it safer and easier for kids to ride to school, and strengthen our voice in support of better places to bike.

Give now and bring the joy of a bike ride to more people in more places. Itís that time of year, and everyone deserves a ride they love.

With thanks,

The PeopleForBikes Team

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