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beeballman 01-10-14 06:36 PM

MS150 Citrus Tour Florida
I Just signed up for this ride, looking forward to it, and for a great cause.

mleach82 01-10-14 08:35 PM

It's a great ride, very well organized. This year will be my 3rd.

beeballman 03-05-14 05:46 PM

Looking forward to it. I am going to do the century on day 1. I have only did one century before and that was over 20 years ago. A little nervous about it. I routinely ride 50-60 miles and have been putting extra time in. Hope I survive it.

Fastfingaz 03-06-14 04:32 PM

Doing the MS tour is great, I've done them a few times, I don't know how it is in Fla. but there are plenty of training rides through the months ending with a century before the tour and those are fun to do as well, the MS tours I've done are in New Orleans To Miss.

beeballman 03-13-14 02:45 PM

mleach82 , Are you going to be attending the training ride March 22nd in Clermont? I will be there, its my back yard.

NoviceJohn 03-15-14 01:00 AM

I wish i could train for this but school is taking most of my time. I rode with the MS group once before and it was fun. Nice group of people to ride with even if you're not training.

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