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Sixty Fiver 03-09-14 03:24 AM

You Can Ride 2 - We Would Love Your Support

I was told by her mother that her daughter was not supposed to live past 6 months and when she proved the doctors wrong they said she would never walk or talk.

Today this tiny girl of five years told me she wanted to marry Jeremy Wade (host of River Monsters) and then she took her new adaptive trike for a spin.

Sometimes heroes come in tiny packages and wear pink helmets.


You Can Ride Two is a free, accessible program that teaches children with special needs or coordination challenges how to ride a conventional two-wheeled bicycle.

We work with families in the Edmonton area and also maintain a loan pool of adaptive bicycles that we provide for free to families with special needs children.

These adaptive bicycles and conversion kits can be very expensive and I am working on designs that we can build locally at a much lower cost so that we can provide more bicycles to even more kids.

It really does take a community...


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