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MyPurpleBianchi 07-10-11 12:22 AM

Purple Bianchi
Hi, I've got a Bianchi bike just like the one in the original post, and am trying to figure out some info to sell it. (Date of manufacture, Italian or Japanese, etc)
I've had it since 83/84, so it's at least that old, and as far as I know it has all the original gear.

I'm thinking of selling it, so could you guys give me some sort of valuation?

Here are some photos:


Tarquinn 07-10-11 02:53 PM

Definitely a different colour purple, but looks the same vintage. If you look at the underside of the bottom bracket, it may have a number printed there. That might help with the exact year.

In the condition it is in, and with the lower end components, I wouldn't think it would be worth much, but it depends on where you are located I guess.

JamesRL 03-17-14 01:15 PM

I know this is an old thread, but indulge a newbie.

I bought this frame in the 80s. I'd bought an old late 70s Favorit with tubulars, a light race bike, and over time upgraded many of the parts. But the frame was pretty whippy, and I was on the muscular side (back then) and so I went shopping. One small one man bike shop had this frame. I wanted a Celeste Bianchi, but couldn't afford one. This purple frame sat unsold for a long time, I'm thinking because in the 80s, this was a pretty out there colour for conservative Toronto. Eventually I bit the bullet, bought the frame and had my parts transferred. I actually got some compliments from some women on the colour. I rode it for a few years, but when kids came along, I rode less and eventually sold it. For about what I paid for the frame.

I'm sure from those pictures, that this is the same frame. I recognize the fork crowns, and other details, and I'm pretty sure they didn't make many bike in this color.

But my memory is a little fuzzy. I don't remember the model. I do remember it was either the top end Japanese, or low end Italian. I don't remember the tubing. I do know it wasn't high end Columbus SL or similar.

I do remember it was a great bike for me, and I spent many hours riding High Park, the river valley trails and the Toronto waterfront trails. I often ended up doing informal racing on these trails, and though it wasn't the lightest bike out there, it was fine for me.

After taking up riding again, I've been riding an aluminum department store road bike with upright bars, but I missed what I had, and I find aluminum not as forgiving as steel. I've recently bought a beat up Trek 330 and looking forward to starting at zero. But I wish I'd kept my Purple Bianchi (I always called it Fushia). If anyone can tell me the model, I'd be grateful.

Bianchigirll 03-17-14 06:23 PM

So you asking for the model of Bianchi you had back in the '80s but you think is a '70s model but don't know if it was Italian or Japanese? OK well I had this great pair of black pumps once the heels was kind of 3" tall and not too pointy.....

Your looking for a needle on the floor of a pine forest. Figure yourself a price your willing to pay for a nice Bianchi and start cruising craigs list in your area and take a few test rides.

Cache 03-17-14 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 16586949)
OK well I had this great pair of black pumps once the heels was kind of 3" tall and not too pointy.....

Maybe if you had a photo we could help you out... :rolleyes:

JamesRL 03-18-14 07:31 AM

Hey way to skim and not read what I posted :)

The pictures are in the link in the first post. That is the exact frame I bought. That distinctive colour, those sloped fork crowns. I've tried to squint to see whats on the top tube, but its pretty fuzzy. There are no decals to show the tubing or where it was made. But that is a somewhat rare colour and it should be reasonable to figure it out from there.

I never said it was a 70s Bianchi, I said I had a 70s bike that I built up and then transferred the parts to the Bianchi frame I bought. The date I bought it would have been about 1989. How long it sat in that bikeshop is up for a guess, but I got a decent deal on it, so I am guessing a few years.

Hey, I'm ok if you don't give a care, doesn't bother me, I thought I'd see if there was someone who knew, given the number of riders here. I was being perhaps a bit nostalgic.

Bianchigirll 03-18-14 07:44 AM

Actually I read your post several times, but in the process of drinking several Gimlets, and kept missing the fact that you suddenly went from talking about buying/owning an '80s to a '70s favorite.

The OPs bike in the link is an Japanese built '86 Sport SX in Orchid with tange main tubes and mangalloy stays, not a bad frame. I would find it odd that a shop had one of these as a frame only unless it was stripped of the parts for some reason.

However my suggestion of just setting a price point and looking at what is available in your area still stands.

JamesRL 03-18-14 09:26 AM

It wasn't a typo, Favorit was a brand. Czech, not sure if it was ever in the US. I think I saw one other in Canada. My first bike with tubulars. It was functional, but the components were a strange mix of European and communist block. It was lighter than the Bianchi, but not the stiffest bike around.

Bianchigirll 03-18-14 10:16 AM

Oh I know what a Favorit is but as I said I just stumbled over the switch from Bianchi to Favorit.

Looks like Slim Pickens (not the actor) up in your area.

JamesRL 03-18-14 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 16588763)
Oh I know what a Favorit is but as I said I just stumbled over the switch from Bianchi to Favorit.

Looks like Slim Pickens (not the actor) up in your area.

The Favorit was a total impulse garage sale buy. I had a touring bike, learned to do the basic maintenance, and came across it during a Saturday morning stroll. Didn't have a lot of money back then.

These days things are probably worse for used bikes in Toronto. The prices for used bikes are very high, compared to places a few hours away.

zukahn1 03-18-14 12:37 PM

Well the ARAYA gold tone rims only came stock on Japanese built bikes 83-85.

Bianchigirll 03-18-14 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by Cache (Post 16587730)
Maybe if you had a photo we could help you out... :rolleyes:$_57.JPG

Cache 03-18-14 03:59 PM

Now that's a pair of black pumps!! Wonder if they come in red...

rootboy 03-20-14 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 16589756)


You crack me up sometimes, BG.

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