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petercp62 06-16-13 05:53 AM

hi all,
new here, and i'm looking to find out if my old bike is worth anything or not. I've had it since about 1976 and it was second hand then so not sure how old it actually is. I resprayed it in the early 80's and couldn't buy the decals for it. I seem to remember it was a "tour de something or other" don't think it was a tour de france. its got the Raleigh badge just below the handle bars, says carlton on the brake grips and the actual brakes are "weinmann" its got ten speed derallier gears. and its in a sorry state. been left out in the rain for years and the leather seat is falling to bits the chain is rusty and the tyres are bald. but I still cant bring myself to take it to the tip as im sure it can be resurrected with some tlc. any help on the model and if its worth anything would be gratefully appreciated, THANKS

RaleighSport 06-16-13 06:13 AM

Hi Pete, would you mind putting up some pictures? It would help a lot.

petercp62 06-17-13 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by RaleighSport (Post 15747805)
Hi Pete, would you mind putting up some pictures? It would help a lot.

will do. asap, thanks

petercp62 12-19-13 08:08 AM

have tried to post photos but wont let me upload them. saying they are too large and I don't know how to make them smaller.

petercp62 12-19-13 08:48 AM

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big chainring 12-19-13 09:14 AM

Looks like a Raleigh Gran Sport. They are very nice bikes. Yours is in sad shape. With a lot of work and some new bits and pieces it could be brought back to life. But honestly, unless you are a good bike mechanic it will cost way more than it is worth to get it back in operating condition. You might get $50-100 as is if you were to sell it. Major rehab is needed on that bike. Rust is a significant issue here.

zukahn1 12-19-13 10:05 AM

As is I would also say $50-100 to the right buyer it will likely take a while to sell. Because of the rough condition it wouldn't be with fixing up to sell.

oddjob2 12-19-13 10:27 AM

IMHO, as is it's $25-$35. Why?

The seat post appears to have enough oxidation that it probably is stuck.
The rust on the chrome stays/fork is deep.
The spokes are rusty.
The components have severe oxidation or rust.

As a winter project, it would take a long effort to make it road worthy again.

lostarchitect 12-19-13 10:53 AM

I agree with oddjob. Assuming that is a Gran Sport and not a lower model, I would not pay more than $30 for it as-is. It needs a huge effort to get it in good shape again. It may be too far gone.

howsteepisit 12-20-13 02:03 AM

I'd say 0 to $20, or more if you can find a fool. dude, ya let that bike go to hell.

redneckwes 12-20-13 02:50 AM

That was a decent bike, but I have to agree, that rust is very near the fatal point, not sure it would be safe to ride even if it was completely redone. If it's that rusty externally, it could be just as bad internally.

rhm 12-20-13 07:12 AM

I have to agree that its not going to bring much money sold "as is" and that's the only way to sell it. But to the right buyer --someone who has more time than cash and who wants a good old bike-- it might be a real find. I'd put an ad on craigslist, something to the effect "Nervar Cotterless Crank, $30" and mention in the fine print that there's a bicycle attached to it.

By the way, I don't know what model it is. Not the right color for a Gran Sport or Super Course. I don't believe it's a 531 frame. Maybe a Super Grand Prix with some upgraded parts?

howeeee 12-20-13 07:49 AM

I wouldnt even sell that to anyone, I would take the good parts give away the frame on craigslist

I actually did one just like that , last summer.

One in good shape only brings a hundred.

Fred Smedley 12-20-13 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by wrk101 (Post 16344296)
I would put value at $0 right now. Major rust issues *+10 rust is deep, so that means chrome is not coming back), good chance a lot of stuff is stuck. Cost to rehab will exceed value of finished project. Best bet is someone needs a part or two.


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