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67tony 10-21-13 04:44 PM

Maruishi ID, please
What year, and model, is this Maruishi?
(Can't quite make out the name on the top tube...)


randyjawa 10-21-13 08:43 PM

Use the information contained in How Old Is My Bicycle?, paying closest attention to Component Numbers...

The WE means something and that something is the year and month of manufacture for this derailleur...

brian3069 10-22-13 06:58 AM

I think it's a Wanderer.

Hummer 02-16-14 12:47 AM

Meada date stamp 'WE' W=1980 E= May


oddjob2 02-16-14 03:02 AM


Originally Posted by brian3069 (Post 16180823)
I think it's a Wanderer.


the benefit of a retina display!

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