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rmwill 01-12-14 04:11 PM

1958 ? - Raleigh - Help Please
New stable addition:

More Photos:

Working 1958 dated SA 3 Speed rear Dynohub. Items missing: Rear light, grips, pump, sprocket cover, reflector. Front wheel is pretty rusty, but true. Rear is true and will probably clean up. Serial number: 49478 RA


1. Is it a Sports Tourist?
2. Color is a dark Maroon. Is that right or has it been messed with?



sailorbenjamin 01-13-14 06:38 AM

Yeah, that looks like about 1958. The stem has been changed, though, and maybe the bars. Could be the bars got bent and they couldn't find the old style bars with the thinner middle section so they had to replace the stem.
Looking at the patina on the decals, I think that's the original paint. You'd usually see places in the corners and behind the accessories where the repainters didn't get it right and I don't see that here. That's sort of a rare color to see on a Raleigh, it seems that it was usually on Rudges but I don't think Raleigh bought Rudge till '59.
Good looking bike. I wonder if it has stainless spokes. Those polish up real nice.

rmwill 01-13-14 07:52 AM

Thanks! Are the bars and stem the same as later models? Also, I found a options list from 1959 and it listed a "Rich Burgundy" optional paint color. That must be it. How should I clean it?

sailorbenjamin 01-14-14 07:39 PM

They're very similar. I forget if there was a change or not. Some of the bikes had a longer stem and some had wider or narrower bars but I think that was more by model than by year.
If there's not much pitting, I clean a bike with lemon oil furniture polish and then polish it with Kitt Scratch Out or Macguire's...Um I forget what they call theirs. If it's pitted and rusty, I'll scrub it with boiled linseed oil and a scotchbrite pad, then wipe off the excess.
Buy the boiled linseed oil. Don't try to get the raw and boil it yourself. It blows up.

rmwill 03-08-14 07:59 AM

Decided to put it up for sale. Any thoughts on the price?


wahoonc 03-08-14 11:37 AM

Might be a UK spec Superbe

Aaron :)

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