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peugeot.ash 01-28-14 02:33 AM

Ken Evans Dura Ace Value?
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Hope Im posting in the right forum here. I have been looking at a steel Ken Evans bike with Dura Ace componentry throughout, pretty rare bike here in New Zealand. The bike is on auction for $400 NZ which is around $340 US. I think that looks like a good deal, and it better be otherwise my better half will not be impressed with me picking up yet another bike. Please help me and tell me it's a rip off so I dont need to buy it!


Poguemahone 01-28-14 07:37 AM

Not familiar with the builder, but this is likely one I'd want to check out in person. Looks ridden hard and put away wet, and I suspect some parts may be at the end of their lives... 350$ for a Dura Ace equipped bike, however, is a very nice price. It depends on if said dura ace actually works.

digger531 01-28-14 08:12 AM

That poor bike...:cry: I could pass

oddjob2 01-28-14 08:40 AM

At $400, it's NOT A STEEL bike I would want, given poor condition.

howsteepisit 01-28-14 10:29 AM

Me, I 'd say its reasonable as long as the shifters work. Looks like its made with care and craftsmanship..

bibliobob 01-28-14 11:49 AM

It's still a good deal if the shifters work, the wheels are true, and the seat post and stem aren't stuck...

FastJake 01-28-14 05:29 PM

I'd have to inspect this one in person. Looks beat to hell, and in worse condition than some of my winter commuters of years past!

Still, if everything works and there aren't any surprises $300 US is a good price. The frame and fork are nice, and whatever Dura Ace you can salvage is worth using.

peugeot.ash 01-28-14 10:20 PM

Thanks for your advice guys, you've made my girlfirend very happy! sounds like I should give this one a pass since there's no opportunity to view pre purchase I'd rather miss it than get stung.


jon c. 01-28-14 10:44 PM

In that condition, it's definitely not worth the price coupled with the relationship hassle. It's easier to explain when you can say you were captivated by the beauty.

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