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Saddle Up 01-29-14 11:28 AM

Which Colnago is this?
Is this a Super? Original with the exception of the drivetrain. I don't imagine Shimano drivetrain components and Campy hubs is a thing. Wheels, seat post, saddle, handlebar and stem I believe are original.
Colnago by SaddleUpBike, on Flickr

More photos on my flickr,

Thanks in advance for any info.

Bianchigirll 01-29-14 11:33 AM

I would say it is all original except the wheels since the drive train matches the brakes. Since this is 7spd it would not be too unusual to see Campi hubs on it. Perhaps the seller or original kept the cassette shimano wheels for another bike or simply preferred the CampI hubs

I don't know the Colnago models well but I don't see any catouches on the frame, are we sure it is a Colnago?

zukahn1 01-29-14 11:56 AM

I would agree the rather plain frame with no detailing marking's other than decals seems a bit off for a Colonago.

Kactus 01-29-14 12:52 PM

It has a crimped top tube like a Nuovo Mexico but N.M.'s should also have a crimped down tube. There is no Colnago pantographing on the seat stays, chain stays, lugs, brake bridge or fork crown (or anywhere as far as I can see). I would say it's NOT a Colnago. I would like to see a photo of the bottom bracket shell to see what the cut-out looks like.

TugaDude 01-29-14 03:09 PM

I am the last person to verify if it is a Colnago, but if I had to wager, I'd at least hesitate. Every Colnago I've seen had multiple, proprietary frame details. This has none. Again, please don't mistake this as an allegation of forgery, but if I were looking at it, I'd pass unless there were paperwork to verify paternity. Jusy my $.02.

Saddle Up 01-30-14 07:27 AM

It was given to me from a long time customer of the shop I worked at, he had the bike for 25 years. He bought a new bike from me and gave this one away so no need to mislead me. It does have the crimped down tube also. I'll snap a shot or two of the bb shell.

BG it didn't even occur to me that it was the wheels that are non original, it totally makes sense looking at the other components on the bike.

lostarchitect 01-30-14 12:12 PM

He might not be misleading you, but someone might have mislead him. Better photos would help.

repechage 01-30-14 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by Saddle Up (Post 16452682)
... It does have the crimped down tube also. I'll snap a shot or two of the bb shell.

The "Gilco" tubing was not exclusive to Colnago.

Colnago really preferred to embellish his frames to promote his identity.

I think is is a Colnago by respray. The fork is also odd in its paint to chrome break.

Saddle Up 01-30-14 01:45 PM

The fork ends.
DSC00105 by SaddleUpBike, on Flickr

BB Shell
DSC00108 by SaddleUpBike, on Flickr
Colnago by SaddleUpBike, on Flickr

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