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friens3 01-29-14 06:36 PM

Which Colnago model and year is this frame? Thanks~
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Hi guys,

I have just purchased a frame from ebay and the seller listed it as Colnago Tecnos.
When I asked why the tube does not have the star shaped tubing like all other Tecnos and Masters, he replied that he had sold many and earlier Tecnos had oval tubes......

I did some research and found that this frame looks more like a Superissimo, it has a clup cut out at the seat stay, and internal rear brake cable routing.

can someone confirm that this is a Superissimo or Super?

And is this paint scheme original?


Bianchigirll 01-30-14 08:49 PM

Welcome to the forums!! Pretty frame

gomango 01-31-14 05:09 AM

Hmmm, interesting Colnago frameset.

Nice and bright. :)

I am trying to recall, but I thought the earliest Tecnos model was made from ELOS.

They then switched to Columbus Tecnos 2000 which was a shaped steel.

Fluted somewhat like Gilco, but thinner walls for lighter riders.

In fact, the distributor had a suggested weight limit on the Tecnos model of 160 pounds.

That certainly left me out of the picture.

The Tecnos models I have seen in person have all had top and down tubes crimped or fluted.

This looks like Gilco used on Master Extra Lights, but I don't think it is exactly the same shape.

They also had a Columbus decal which stated "Tecnos" versus Brain.

Hope this helps a bit.

gioscinelli 01-31-14 06:45 AM

It's a beautiful road frame, but can't tell what model it is. Colnago's and most manufactures of highend quality frames make model changes and is pretty hard to keep with the different models. If you have doubts about what you bought on Ebay, just file a dispute to return the Colnago to the seller, under Ebay's Buyers Protection Plan. If the bike fits, put the Colnago together and ride!

repechage 01-31-14 08:35 AM

I have been looking off and on for a Tecnos. I would not call this one that model. It appears to be a Colnago. As stated earlier, Colnago did a lot of variations. I observe that some shops/distributors got something special or non standard just to appear more exclusive if they ordered enough.

friens3 02-07-14 03:34 PM

Thanks guys, the seller have admitted that it is not a tecnos afterall....

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