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Matt54 01-30-14 04:03 AM

Hi all.

I have been tempted into buying this bike

Is this a legeune? Is it worth it? It is selling for the equivalent of about $90.

Thanks in advance.

digger531 01-30-14 07:59 AM

It is hard to say without knowing the market there at all (or where there is) and I have never seen that brand before. However, considering the Laprade seatpost, aero brakes, downtube shifters, quick release wheels and the internal routing of the rear brake cable, I would say it is worth looking at. The condition seems pretty rough but if those are 600 components hiding on the other side, I would pay $90. Even 105 components are worth close to that. Again it is hard to tell with the one bad pick but I would say you're in the ball park.

TugaDude 01-30-14 08:28 AM

Definitely worth checking out. CV-6 is a forum member and knows this brand. Maybe he'll chime in. But it looks like a Columbus sticker on the downtube and $90 would seem to be a good deal if the frame is in decent shape.

mongol777 01-30-14 11:04 AM

That is some crazy paint scheme for Lejeune. Are you sure it is actually Lejeune?

repechage 01-30-14 12:54 PM

At the very end of the Brand's days they did some curious things. I have not seen any example like it though.

CV-6 01-30-14 05:17 PM

Considering its location, it is likely a South African built Lejeune and not a French Lejeune. But it's all guess work with that photo.

Matt54 02-04-14 07:42 AM

So I went and bought the bike. It does in fact have a Columbus sticker on the downtube. Tyres needed replacing but otherwise it seems to be in good nick. I'll post pictures when I can. Thanks all for the advice

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