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juls 01-30-14 04:35 PM

Austro Daimler inter 10 mixte
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Unknown year-worth 125 clams?

oddjob2 01-30-14 04:42 PM

Worth $125 all year long!

juls 01-30-14 04:51 PM

Oh, great news-I had a "michelle" awhile back and loved it-wasn't 531 tho-so I take this may be a bit lighter in weight.

juls 01-30-14 06:33 PM

Just got home. A few surprises to me. The hubs are fat and say Phil on them. Shimano 600 equipped-a true 10 speed. The crank is a swagged apex (out of characture to a 531 frame to me) The wheels are concave weinmans. Rides like a dream! Fork shoulder and rear do's are chromed. Very well taken care of. It's burgandy-but almost looks black. I'm in LOVE :love:

howsteepisit 01-30-14 06:42 PM

Phil hubs! Wow a super deal!

juls 01-30-14 07:08 PM

Ok-wasn't sure/thats a good thing then!:lol:

PatTheSlat 01-31-14 03:55 PM

Hubs by themselves are probably worth at least what you paid for the bike, that's one heck of a steal.

mongol777 01-31-14 05:19 PM


juls 02-01-14 07:38 AM

The bike is a 1976 that I can tell from the caliper code. The front hub has a little play in it. They look strange on concave weinmanns. Waiting for better weather to see if the fuss is just :) I dont have a good camera, and my phone pics are just fuzzy; or Id post some pics :(

juls 02-03-14 07:07 AM

Don't see how to date these hubs (or model) -Even from the web page. Just "Phil" in 'script' for markings.

oddjob2 02-03-14 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by juls (Post 16458600)
I dont have a good camera, and my phone pics are just fuzzy; or Id post some pics :(

Nice 12.5X optical zoom, works great for $70.

juls 02-03-14 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by oddjob2 (Post 16463640)
Nice 12.5X optical zoom, works great for $70.

Thanks for the tip!

juls 02-03-14 06:55 PM

To add a little info on its outfitting...shimano 600-calipers, rdr (and 60 fdr) and weird shimano 'fingertip' stemmies. These are spring assist? Odd duck to me. I'd like to find a way to get them on the down tube without going to suntour ratchet. Unknown if there is a clamp for that. The freewheel is a regina 5 speed-no dork disc (don't think they came plastic then-so removed is my guess) The barwrap is cloth and basically in tatters. Pedals are those HUGE rattrap kkt's/and stated before an apex 5 swagged crank. SR neck and bars and the elusive 'GS brev' seatpost (27.2) I've seen these seatposts before on puch's-not a big fan-chunky looking swagged onto the post. The saddle is an interesting tan avocet w1-but worn to suede look by the gel cushion cover used by the previous owner. The fork shoulder is chromed. as are the rear do's and short socks on the front. (Micro adj screws on the rear) Only braze/on's are the rdr hanger and fender eyelets. Freakin FREEZIN here/want to ride it so bad...LOL Serial # if of any interest is: 5681565 I plan to change the peds/barwrap/saddle/and hopefully the shifters-(if I can find something era correct from shimano.) The seatpost also. Oh, the rims are presta drilled/pleasent surprise; but (look new) kenda tires are only 90psi/no big. It may be time to move this to a new thread.......perhaps in the spring? I'll start a new thread and be open to suggestions :)

oddjob2 02-03-14 09:28 PM

If you are keeping it for yourself, by all means put dt shifters on it. If you plan to sell it, keep the stem mounted shifters, chicks dig it that way!

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