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Yeaw 02-09-14 04:41 PM

Help Me Identify My Colnago
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From my basic searching around the internet it looks like it may be an early 80's Super, but would love to hear your expertise. My plan was to sand blast it and powder cost since it is in pretty rough shape. I would cover the chrome of course. Any thoughts on that vs trying to polish the paint that is currently on it? The stickers on it don't feel like they are clear coated since they are peeling a bit, so maybe it isn't the original paint?

The wheels and rear derailed are not original, so I didn't take any pictures of those.

Chombi 02-09-14 05:03 PM

I does look like a "Superissimo". IIRC, those had a decal on the drive side chainstay saying so, but it looks like the paint and an decal that was on that chainstay's mostly gone already. Any siign of the expected Columbus (SL) decal on the frame?
Looks like the bike is suffering from the typical Italian 80's bike "quick release paint" syndrome. I've encountered so many Italian bikes in the 80's with their paint already flaking off even before they were sold in the dealerships. Lots of these frames had big areas of chrome under the paint (sometimes the frames are actually totally chromed under the paint) that the paint had a hard time bonding to. Could be a very good candidate for a full repaint, as you will be in a constant losing battle to keep what's left of the paint job on the bike.....

Yeaw 02-09-14 05:20 PM

No Columbus decal. Thanks for your response.

Yeaw 02-13-14 07:23 PM

Based on the decals at, I think it must be an 80's Mexico not a Superissimo.

SJX426 02-14-14 07:15 AM

I vote Superissimo. I have one in blue that is nearly if not complete twin of the frame, but not the fork. The fork is older. You can compare here:

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