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selfmyself 02-09-14 06:44 PM

Value of this bianchi
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What year and model of bianchi is it? I am guessing 80s?
My friend offered this bike at a price of $ 245 what do you think?


Rest_assured 02-10-14 01:51 AM

I'm no expert on bianchi, and those pictures aren't great, but it looks to be in fairly good nick. Paint and components could come up nice with a bit of love.
If you intend to restore it, you will need a certain level of know-how. If you do not have a parts bin and a variety of tools (probably needs all new cables, bar tape, chain, maybe new tires and tubes) you will eventually end up spending a fair bit of money.
$245? Depends what you want it for, and what your market is like.

Bianchigirll 02-10-14 07:54 PM

Hello welcome to the forums. Where is this bike? It looks like a '83/4ish 980, named for the Campagnolo 980 derailleur. More information and better pics would help.

$245 US dollars for that? I am with Rest_assured unless you already have all the tools and know how to give this a full overhaul don't bother. Having it done in a shop would run you another 100 or so for labor plus parts.

This looks more like a project to me and should be closer to $150ish. It does have a TreTubi Columbus frame but IMHO for 250 that should be ready to ride.

CrescentWrench 02-13-14 12:56 AM

Those brake levers have safety levers on them which strikes me as a little odd since the rest of the stuff on there is campy. That seat is nasty too.

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