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istomtom 02-12-14 12:43 PM

Conejo full sus MTB with lots of nice goodies, rough idea of value?
Looking for a rough idea of what this bike is worth:

Conejo full sus, unknown model. These were made in AZ for a few years by the sons of an aerospace engineer.
Manitou R7 fork
Fox Alps 4R shock
XT group
Avid black ops research vbrakes and levers
Chris king headset
Chris king hubs on mavic x618 ceramic 26"
Thomson masterpiece seatpost
Thomson elite stem (cracked faceplate)

Imgur album:

Phil_gretz 02-12-14 01:53 PM

I wonder whether this or the Mountain subforum would be a better place to ask.

This is kind of a specialty frame, but my impression is that the pre-owned MTB market has its definite favorites. A total guess...$325-375 for the right buyer?

mongol777 02-12-14 02:19 PM

You probably will make more by parting it out - some goodies on it like CK hubs ($$$), xt cranks, thompson stem (you can get new faceplate) and seatpost. I would not call it vintage - your best bet is to post on mtbr, pinkbike or as advised above on mtb subforum

Frenchosa 02-12-14 09:09 PM

The parts are after 1998, that is for sure. Way over $350 if you part is out. It has some nice parts that are highly desirable. It looks like the Avid Ultimate brakes and lever..

Also, try selling the frame at RetrobikeUK.. I think you would find a buyer there pretty quick.

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