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AndyJoK 02-12-14 05:25 PM

Pinarello Prince LS, whats the deal - Thanks to bikeforum members
Greetings Forumites! Firstly I want to thank you all for such a valuable resource to cyclists everywhere. Ive been a occasional searcher through the forum for years but this would be my first actual post.

On to the Prince.

Ive been holding onto a frameset for a friend, eventually trying to sell it. We dont know much about it besides the general google search results. Its a limited, complete bike only set up, apparently made of recently "declassified" material.

Not much else comes up when one searches for pinarello prince LS.

Does anyone know where I can find more info on this thing? The serial number was used in a search with the gitabike USA guys and I was told they had no clue about the frame. Which leads me to believe its a european release.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again all

repechage 02-12-14 06:07 PM

Pinarello Prince SL, might be a better chance.
From what I recall it was an aluminum frame with a carbon fork and rear triangle, maybe just the seat stays.
A bit too modern for Classic and Vintage I think, more in the used bike class still.

There may be some members who participate here that have some knowledge but maybe not.

gomango 02-12-14 07:03 PM

Is it yellow with wishbone stays?

I had a 1999 Prince with DA.

Stiff aluminum frameset with a CF fork.

Maybe a Mizuno.

After that I had a Galileo, which was wicked stiff.

AndyJoK 02-13-14 10:25 AM

yes a bit modern but this is an appraisal thread which is where I'm headed. It's def an LS, not SL. I'll post a picture when I can. All black frame, alum tubing with carbon stays. Carbon fork. Mostly white decals. There is an almost exact model if you google search images of pinarello prince ls.

Im in mostly curious about this thing now. Not much out there and it's starting to bug me. Hah

thanks all

gioscinelli 02-13-14 11:43 AM

The aluminum frame Pinarello is not a popular Italian frame with carbon fork, like it's counter part Colnago aluminum and Merckx aluminum frame. Long top tube and very stiff and uncomfortable for any kind of ride. I speak with experience, had Pinarello, Colnago and a Merckx, sold them. I would estimate with current market conditions and time of year, $300 to $500, sorry for the bad news.

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