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JPeters 02-13-14 01:07 PM

Old Campagnolo Valentino - worth 15-50 euros?
I'm a complete beginner to bikes, though I'm already riding plenty of miles every day commuting and going around town (and possibly some longer trips when the summer starts).

I was thinking of picking up a road bike as I'd like something a bit quicker than my Fuji suncrest in the good weather, though I don't want to go crazy, and may sell it again when the winter comes along, or if I find myself needing the cash.

All that said, would you guys take a punt on this campagnolo valentino from the pictures available? It's on an auction site for around 15 euros with no bids at the moment, and another site for a fixed price of 50 euros. It looks a little rusted to me, but I wonder if it could make a fun project that wouldn't require more than a clean and tune-up, perhaps some new screws, or whether it's just a cheap headache that'll never be worth more than I can get it for.

Here are the links:

(Sorry I can't post pics, they're a bit too big I think...)

lostarchitect 02-13-14 01:56 PM

That looks like a junker to me. Someone must have slapped a sticker with the Campagnolo name on it, because they don't make bikes, only components--and if they ever did choose to make a bike, it would be a lot nicer than that!

I mean, if it's 15 euros, sure, fine, use it as a beater, but I wouldn't spend 50. Also it's in pretty bad shape, and you will spend more than it's worth getting it in decent order.

juvela 02-13-14 01:59 PM

Machine is a base model Chiorda build which has been repainted with a brush. For 15 Euro you probably cannot go wrong but it is a machine most participants here would not give stall space to. Those Union pedals are likely its worst component. There has to be something better to give your time, energy and Euros toward. Best to keep looking.

JPeters 02-13-14 02:10 PM

Thanks. I never even knew Campagnolo didn't make bikes :o I'll steer clear then.

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