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Aldo0724 02-13-14 03:35 PM

How much will repairs cost?
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Could anyone educate me on approximately how much the repairs on this 1979 Raleigh might cost? Seller is asking $120, and says it needs adjustment, possibly new derailleur, and that the chain comes off at certain gear. Would like to understand just what I'm looking at before deciding if I should make an offer. Thank you!

oddjob2 02-13-14 04:12 PM

If that's a Grand Prix, it probably would cost $175 +/- $25, plus tires, for a full overhaul and reconditioning. In that case, the bike is worth as is $25.00. That photo is horrible, but the bike looks rusty on the chainstays.

Aldo0724 02-13-14 07:11 PM

Thank you both - appreciate it!

jon c. 02-13-14 08:17 PM

Depending on where you live, you might get a shop to do a reasonable 'get it up and running' job for a bit less than the numbers above (my shop has done that for a couple people I knew who were in receipt of donated old beaters). And I have a soft spot for old Raleighs. But from what I can tell from that pic, that bike really just isn't worth it. Looks like it has some real rust issues and that's not the best year for Grand Prixs (assuming that's what it is). Keep looking and you'll find something worth the cost of fixing up.

Poguemahone 02-14-14 06:19 AM

Seller is asking about what bike is worth in ready to ride condition. It is not even close to that condition. Unless you have mechanical skills, pass. If you have mechanical skills, oddjob's assessment is in line.

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