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buck1ea 02-13-14 11:24 PM

1980's US Raleigh Olympian, fixed gear in Korea
I have a Surly Disc LHT but I want to try a fixie to fool around with around town, and not get too upset if it gets stolen.

I live in Korea and the expats who leave always seem to overprice their bikes when they leave.

For 350 dollars, how good of a deal is this from Craig's List Seoul? The seller is about an hour away by train.


Selling my 1980's Raleigh Olympian, fixed-gear. 350,000 OBO

The previous owner converted it into a fixie and put on some nicer drop bars and Shimano brakes. The rear brake is currently sticking when activated and I've been getting by without it. I had the rear hub rebuilt about a year ago -- new Mavic Open Pro rear wheel on a Surly hub. By my measure the frame is 57cm center to center. I'm around 190cm tall and this bike feels like it should.

I'm not an expert but will answer any questions you might have to the best of my ability. I've loved riding this bike around the greater Seoul area... But it's time to go back to the motherland. *sniffle*

PS I've got a bag of stuff that'll go with the bike, including a freewheel, three additional chainrings, a u-lock, allen wrenches, along with the original cranks and handlebars.

oddjob2 02-14-14 05:53 AM

Why are there brifters on a fixie? If they're infull working condition they're worth at least $50 for the pair, maybe more. I'd aim for $250-$275. That's an XL frame in Korea!

Poguemahone 02-14-14 06:23 AM

I'm not familiar enough with the Seoul market to comment on price. Bikes may be worth much more or much less than here, I haven't a clue. The brifters look like decent, 105 level shimano ones from here. No telling if the bike is actually fixed gear or single speed freewheel.

zukahn1 02-14-14 10:20 AM

Not sure about Korean market but this is a just OK SS/FG conversion of a some what unimpressive bike, mis matched wheels and tires not even the same size, somewhat nice but random crank and bars, the bike looks like someone just built this up with whatever spare parts they had laying around. I would a say only $150 or so in value. There are a lot of bikes like this one on most American CL's and they seem to not move sell at all when priced higher. 02-14-14 11:17 AM

Around here that bike would be $130-$150. I think that model is from around 1982-83 and was a plain steel frame. I believe it was from the 1st year Huffy owned Raleigh. Not a bad bike then-I think it went for around $225 as a 10-speed.

Why are the brifters there? And the stem looks like an unthreaded a-head type and not the quill type that came with the frame. It must have an unthreaded replacement fork or (god, I hope not!) the current owner slid an unthreaded stem over the threaded steerer with threaded headset.

buck1ea 02-16-14 04:43 AM

Thanks for all of the feedback. The guy removed his listing so I guess I'll have to to find my fixie fix somewhere else!

At least now I know what to look for. I have a small apartment in Korea and I keep my LHT inside, so I wanted a beater to keep in the hallway.

Oh well, I'll keep looking. Thanks again! :)

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