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cnlawrence 02-14-14 06:44 PM

Basso TI Frame worth
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Hi all, I have a Basso titanium frame and I was wondering how much it would cost to sell? It's not my size as I inherited it and I would love to get a new bike from just the spoils of selling this one. So, how much do you think I could get for the frame and how much could I get it if I sold it as is minus a few components such as lights, bag, pedals and aero bars?


rjhammett 02-15-14 10:35 AM

Always take pictures of the drive side focusing in on the derailleurs, crank, shifters, hubs. Can't tell what gruppo it has in your photos. Need to know that to estimate value.

KonAaron Snake 02-15-14 10:51 AM

I'm not sure who made these for Basso - see if there's a "made by", or at least a "made in" sticker. Best case is probably Litespeed. Generally vintage ti doesn't hold value too well and I think most people who really know ti understand it's a contract build and not as desirable as something like a Merlin. If you're lucky you might get someone who buys into the Basso name and who gets excited because it's exotic material and unusual.

As said above, need better photos of the parts. The range is likely $600-$900 whole.

Edit - quick search says Litespeed did build some Bassos, so that's my guess. I'm not a huge Litespeed fan, but some are...I also don't think they did their best work on the contract builds.

DEFINITELY remove aero bars, pedals, cages, bags and lights - they don't add much value to a complete sale...and the aero bars might even hurt.

bargainguy 02-15-14 01:35 PM

Those look like Sora shifters, and a Vitus 979 AL fork. 1" or 1-1/8" steerer tube? 1" indicates earlier production (90's) and not quite as desirable as 1-1/8" currently.

Hodgepodge of parts to build up a frame? I think almost all the value is in just the frame. You might be better off seeing what you can get by parting it out.

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