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ZebreRouge 02-15-14 06:26 PM

Unknown old bike
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We want to restore this bike but first we need more info about it. There is too much rust to see the brand and model and there is no head badge. If someone have any info ( price, year, brand, model... ) that would be great ! Thanks.

rhm 02-17-14 06:25 PM

I'm afraid we'd need much better photos, from the other side, so we could identify components etc to make even a tentative ID.

zukahn1 02-17-14 11:45 PM

Well it looks like a bit of vintage frankenbike. I see parts bits from several era's none of which are consistant based on this it is a realy cool looking single speed beater about $150-200 in vaulue to the right buyer. If it rides nices and all of the parts pre 70's.

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