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CO_Hoya 02-16-14 06:46 PM

Tell me about your shipping rates to other countries
I've reached critical mass in my bike shed, so the time has come to start selling off some parts on eBay.

I plan to sell as BIN with free shipping to continental US. I'll just list a few small items to start as I work on presentation and to see how well I can set prices based on comparable sales.

Items will be typical part-out items: derailleurs, saddles, pedals, cranksets, etc. (hubs, not wheelsets).

I'd like to make the items available to foreign buyers, but don't have a clue what shipping costs would be to Asia or Europe. I'm small-time, so I don't think I'll have access to any discounted rates.

Do you specify a shipping cost outside of CONUS? I'd like to have a set cost rather than "buyer pays actual shipping cost" which I think would be too vague.

Any other suggestions?


CO_Hoya 02-17-14 08:32 AM

Hmmm. First item sold in about 6 hours. Perhaps my pricing will need some more work.

Thanks for the advice. I will try that for international shipping.

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