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Chipapi 02-17-14 03:16 PM

Is this really a Cannondale?
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I have been scrounging the internet since last night trying to figure out if this is a genuine Cannondale. My search has led me looking through all the available Cannondale catalogues from 1983 - 2006..and came up with zip. I think it looks somewhere near the 1990-1994 models but I'd really rather have the experts judge. :lol:

Btw, I should say I'm really new to biking and not too familiar with the terms. I'm looking up on this particular model because it's for sale on a local website and I was wondering if it'll be money well spent if this were to be my first bike. Sticker price on the ad is 7,500 Php (Philippine pesos) which is about $180.

Here are the ad's photos:

Appreciate all the inputs! :)

zukahn1 02-17-14 03:29 PM

Yese the bike is Canondale looks to be mid 90's MTB with a compact frame for smalller riders. If everything is in good working order the price seem's about right.

digger531 02-17-14 03:41 PM

Well, I certainly do not know the market where you are at, nor do I know if that is an actual Cannondale, but I do know that I wouldn't pay that much for a NEW bike with Tourney junk on it and the handle bars turned upside down. You could buy an equivalent bike at Walmart, brand new for the same money and the fact that you could buy an equivalent bike at Walmart is a huge PASS.

bargainguy 02-17-14 04:30 PM

The frame doesn't pass the sniff test. A real C-dale would have a derailleur hanger instead of a claw. The decal should be farther up the down tube. I remember the Delta and Killer (MTB) V bikes from that era as well as the H-series hybrids, and this one isn't, tubing shape is all wrong. I'm thinking not a C-dale.

PatTheSlat 02-17-14 04:47 PM

The claw rear derailleur hanger plus all Tourney components point to this being a crappy department store level bike with Cannondale stickers on it.

zukahn1 02-17-14 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by PatTheSlat (Post 16503855)
The claw rear derailleur hanger plus all Tourney components point to this being a crappy department store level bike with Cannondale stickers on it.

+1 Good catch may bad on the early post this deffinetly does not look Canondale, which all had flawless looking dropoutes with an interegrated hanger. This is a somewhat ugly low end dropout.

Chipapi 02-18-14 01:45 AM

I thought as much, glad I didn't give in to the impulse! :lol: It's a 3 hour drive from my place to the seller's..putting in for gas and time, I'm relieved I didn't just go and get only to find out it's a bad deal. While I'd definitely enjoy the convenience of not having to build my first bike from scratch, it's become a rather tempting proposition looking at the prices for brand new, decent bikes for sale in the Philippines. Right then, back to square one! :)

Homebrew01 02-19-14 11:16 AM

Looks like a steel frame to me. Cannondale only made aluminum frames at the time, until fairly recently adding carbon on their higher end frames.

FastJake 02-19-14 05:33 PM

NO. This is a scam, it's a POS, definitely not a Cannondale. And that handlebar setup is ********.

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