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davey67 02-18-14 01:44 PM

vuntage motobecane what is it?
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I just picked up a vintage motobecane.

The only thing is that i can not seem to find a model name. It only says made in France with no other markings.

What is this? What is the value?

howsteepisit 02-18-14 02:51 PM

Looks to be a mid 70's Nomad or Mirage mixte I am guessing 200 is in good shape and ready to ride. No idea on the books though.

dweenk 02-18-14 05:07 PM

The first photo is the Motobecane Double Bookcase - sorry, I couldn't resist. Like howsteepisit said, it appears to be a Nomad or Mirage. They are nice bikes, but not valuable - between 100 to 200 depending on your market. If you are near a university, it's toward the higher end.

Chicago Al 02-18-14 06:18 PM

The bike is most likely a Mirage, the next higher model than the Nomad, and as far as I can tell, by far the Motobecane model sold in the US during the 'bike boom' of the 70s. This one is a 'mixte' with the split sloping top tube. Mixtes are very popular as they look nice and are easy to swing a leg over. They're often thought of as a woman's bike but fellas ride them too.

The wheels look to be dull silver, suggesting they are alloy rather than the chromed steel on a cheaper model. The stem shifters are Suntour 'Power Ratchet,' which I think date from the late 70s on. That means the other shifting hardware is Suntour, which is a good thing. Motobecane was quick to recognize the value in putting Japanese components on their bikes.

It's hard to tell from one photo, but at a glance the condition looks good: complete, clean, etc. *Assuming condition is good* $200 would be 'full retail' price in any but the hottest markets.

oddjob2 02-27-14 09:28 AM

As is, I would pay $60-$75 for it. As pimped out with new consumables and a complete overhaul, $275. Drop bars are less popular on mixtes.


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