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Brandon7silvi 03-07-14 01:42 PM

Need an appraisal for a kHS Olympia 12 speed road bike
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Hello Forum! I'm fairly new to the world of road bikes so I'm interested in knowing if this is a good deal, I'm on desperate need of a good bike and this one is the perfect height.
Here is the information he posted
Very well cared for
12 speed
Paint in excellent condition
Frame built with reynolds 531 butted tubing (extermilly light)
Front and rear suntour gs dropouts very well made frame (light wight olympian road bike)
Wheelsets =ARAYA japan 700C (14X622) double wall rims laced to suntour vX hubs( detachable wheels )
Medallion 1000 kusuki japan drop handlebar

Asking $310.00.

Brandon7silvi 03-07-14 01:52 PM

Last photo was accidental

howsteepisit 03-07-14 02:58 PM

Looks good to me, clean, I'd say its worth it. Cannot tell much from the pics though, no detail and from really bad angles

zazenzach 03-07-14 07:23 PM

hard to tell from the crappy pictures, but its not worth $310 to me. it is a good frame though and if its what you want from a bike, it could be worth it to you.

oddjob2 03-07-14 07:45 PM

Here's an old thread, but T-Mar weighed in and T-Mar is the modern day equivalent of Sheldon Brown, more oriented towards marketing and manufacturing history.

If it Suntour equipped and only the 3 main tubes are 531, then it is $200 bike. If it is full on 531 tube set, including stays and fork, with fully Campy, then maybe high $200's.

digger531 03-07-14 07:54 PM

Seems a bit steep to me also, but hard to tell with the pics. Considering the very poorly set up bars I would assume it has not been ridden in a while and will need a full tune up and lube in which case it is way too much money.

big chainring 03-08-14 07:11 AM

Looks like an amazing bike for $310. Campy Gran Sport equipped I am thinking, Go get it.

I would ignore any negative responses here. That is quite a nice bike, at a very reasonable price, that anyone interested in vintage bikes would like to have. Tune-up on a bike like that is so simple. And judging from the pictures probably isn't necessary. Good luck, and don't hesitate on that one.

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