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hariharan85 03-07-14 02:35 PM

Help Identifying Frame 2/2
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The second frame is a schwinn. It has a more relaxed geometry than the german frame and a lower bottom bracket. The forks are pretty thick and have cantilever brake bosses. The guy who sold them said he usually did not see them on schwinns. Somebody, seemingly started a restoration on it and gave up midway. I could not locate a serial number anywhere on the frame. Maybe the primer is covering it?

big chainring 03-07-14 03:55 PM

I'm guessing a 90's Schwinn Cross-Fit. Hybrid type bike. These are nice bikes that can be built for touring or commuting.

The headset is messed up on that frame.

Metacortex 03-07-14 04:01 PM

The serial number is probably on the underside of the bottom bracket, but it could also be on one of the dropouts. There should also be a 4-digit date code stamp on the headbadge. Both of those numbers will help greatly to ID the frame.

oddjob2 03-07-14 07:24 PM

A Schwinn MTB? Note same rear brake bridge, no down tube braze ons for shifters, and the black headset. Only lacking a set of bottle brazens on seat tube to match up with the Impact Pro. Long top tube too.

digger531 03-07-14 08:04 PM

Again, I wouldn't waste the time or money. You would be FAR better off finding a whole bike. I have at least ten boxes full of parts and I wouldn't attempt to build up even a mediocre frame from scratch. High end stuff with high demand, maybe but these are not it.

hariharan85 03-08-14 08:57 AM

Thank you everyone for you inputs. I am going to go with the impact MTB. I looked further on the Impact pro and the fork and frame look exactly the same. I also saw that most of the owners had loved it and regretted selling it. Guess its a good place to start a nice commuter/tourer.

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