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DrSpoke 03-08-14 07:35 PM

Campagnolo Rally
I'm trying to find out the approximate value of a Campagnolo Rally. From what I gather it is a first generation and is in very good shape - about 8.5/10. It has a little rash on the pivot bolt and the rest is excellent. I could post a photo if necessary but just looking for a range of values. The items on ebay on mostly NOS and in the $400 - $600 range and I don't think this is quite in that category. Thanks to all in advance.

KonAaron Snake 03-08-14 07:38 PM

Don't confuse ASKING prices of things that will sit for months/years/eons and average selling value. In decent shape, I'd say around $100.

aixaix 03-08-14 07:54 PM

There are several versions of this derailleur. Good photos will help pin down which one you have. Early ones were prone to breakage.
I'm with the Snake on this: $100-$150 for a nice one.

DrSpoke 03-08-14 11:39 PM

Thanks guys - I'll try to post a couple of photos tomorrow. Both of you are in the ballpark of what I was thinking. I found a local buyer and want to set a fair price.

american psycho 03-09-14 10:21 AM

in 8.5 condition

first generation known to break maybe $100

second generation with reinforcement maybe $150

third generation is not collectable maybe $25.

I ebayed a second generation not NOS but in 9.5 condition for $186 in the fall.

DrSpoke 03-10-14 01:16 PM

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Thanks guys - photos attached. I liked that $100 to $150 range. I think I may have a buyer locally at about $125.

aixaix 03-10-14 07:55 PM

That's the early, fragile one.

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