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vengaboy 03-09-14 03:48 PM

Vintage Dahon foldable bike
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Could anyone shed some light on what she's worth? I managed to find a scratched serial in between the foldable frame joint. H605 then underneath those digits are 7356 This bike has original everything including the tires. It is a 3 speed Sturmey-Archer with Dahon California badges coupled with a headlight and taillight generator. It was kept in a climate controlled garage its entire life. It was given to me as a tip from one of my customers. Thank you in advance for any input as I would like to put it up for sale on craigs fort myers beach, fl.

oddjob2 03-09-14 04:39 PM

That picture is kind of useless, we like to see the whole bike, from the chain side of the bike.

Nevertheless, unless you live in SF, probably not a big demand for folders, since space in apartments isn't so tight. Despite all the different models, they bring from $75 to $200 on the condition and local market demand, more in old urban areas like NYC, Brooklyn, Hoboken.

vengaboy 03-10-14 09:49 AM

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Sorry about lack of pics. Here you go. I believe this is a January 1986 model based on the rear gear axle made in England stamp.

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