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Folsomjack 03-10-14 04:04 AM

92 Paramount PDG Series 7 Frame-set SOLD $180
Had this on Craigslist for a couple months , sold yesterday for $180 cash, Bare 56CM frame and fork only, nothing but the bottle screws included. It was in excellent shape so just some info for the data base. Regards, Jack

FastJake 03-10-14 04:22 PM

Got any pictures? That would help. I think you did well on that sale, but I don't remember what tubing the 7 series used.

Folsomjack 03-10-14 08:05 PM

No pic's the deep purple 700C model OS Tange I think, built for PDG by Panasonic I think . Also got rid of a wheel-set for $200 to the same buyer. He brought his builder to approve the pieces and that was nice, all in all a good deal for both of us. I am 8 months into the clearance and my truck is still out-side!

Folsomjack 03-12-14 07:01 PM

4 down since August 22 to go. I have this bad problem with empty space and extra cash

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