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rawrkitties 03-13-14 10:14 PM

Good Price for Ladies Raleigh/Hercules 1969 Cruiser?
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Hi all. So I am totally new to the world of bicycles - I'm just looking to get something to use for commuting and riding around on some paved trails nearby and learn as I go. I've been looking on Craigslist but I seriously don't know anything about anything. I'm looking at this Ladies Raleigh/Hercules 1969 3 speed Cruiser - asking price is $60. I am female, 5'5". The seller claims all the gears and brakes work, the wheels are straight and tires are good. I haven't actually seen it in person as I've been just doing a bit of online research first. I'm intrigued by the idea of fixing it up and making it all pretty sometime down the road, but for now I just want something very basic that will work with just a bit of tune up and tlc. Is this a decent price? Thoughts? Thanks, any advice is greatly appreciated :)

howsteepisit 03-13-14 11:42 PM

Pics are 2 years old, I see lots of rust, so its hard to tell the condition. If the rear hub was kept lubed its likely OK but ????? With all the rust on the rims 2 years ago, I think moe like $30 in my opinion, but I am usually low in these cases.

rawrkitties 03-14-14 09:20 PM

Yes, if the pics are indeed 2 years old that could be a worrisome sign. I am going to message the seller and ask for more info, possibly from there go take a look at it and see how bad the rust may be. Thanks for the input! It is a 3 speed. I do live in a "hot urban market" so the good news with that is that - being Friday now, there's about a million more CL postings for me to sift through as well if this is a bust.

zukahn1 03-14-14 11:04 PM

If it fits rides OK and the 3 speed functions correctly and the brakes work this isn't a bad deal. Not a great bike but just OK 3 speed step throughs often times sell for a half to a third what they should and there is zero love for preacher frames so you may get a pretty good bike dirt cheap.

rjhammett 03-14-14 11:30 PM

I think $60 is a decent price. I have sold 3-4 from $80-$115. That being said, I picked up the bikes from free to $20.

krtchp19 03-15-14 12:13 AM

they are good bikes but a cheaper version of A raleigh Sports. They were made by raleigh to be distributed by AMF but aren't exactly the best quality. There is a noticeable difference between the wheels of that bike and of A raleigh branded bike of the same time era. It's still a decent fun bike that is very easy to work on. Check for loose or broken spokes and be wary of rust inside the wheels. rust on the outside is not a deal breaker as I have had bikes that were sitting for 50 years clean up nice and ride perfectly( after a little work on my end) for what it is I would offer 50 bucks myself. I have a couple of these also and they are just fine.

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