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arrowgin 03-14-14 12:17 PM

Nishiki "Rally"?
Hey everyone,

Hope i landed in the right spot, found a ton of useful info so far from this site.

I have a simple question. is this worth anything?

nishiki bike

Thought about trying to get it for $20 and building it up from the bones that it is.

J.Oxley 03-14-14 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by arrowgin (Post 16577730)
Thought about trying to get it for $20 and building it up from the bones that it is.

Welcome to bikeforums!

For what you're going to spend turning that into a real bike, you could just buy a nicer real bike. There are tons of good bikes on CL ... get one that hasn't been run over by a street sweeper. ;)

As for the seller's suggestion that "everything else is normal wear and tear," take a look at the bottom of the front chainring. That's miles past normal. No front brake or lever, missing cables, not optimistic about the rear derailleur. I could go on...

zukahn1 03-14-14 01:40 PM

I would tend to agree this is a fairly low end bike and just isn't worth fixing up in its current condition. Also from what I can see the frame is most likley damaged meaning it is basically worthless. I probably wouldn't even take this bike if it was free not even worth the time to pick it up.

howsteepisit 03-14-14 02:40 PM

+1 Not much left there, but what happened to it?
Here is the 'explanation"

I had this bike for a little while just sitting around collecting dust in my basement everything as is
I had the bike locked up to a pole downtown and someone started to kick my rims and that's how all that ended up happening but everything else is just normal wear and tear like an average bike I just want to get it off my hands and let someone else enjoy it please call/text if your seriously interested in it

Frame might be worth $10, but look for bent fork and frame tubes. It looks more than simple vandalism to me, someone stomped the living sH*t out of it.

oddjob2 03-14-14 04:06 PM

It's a puny frame too, for someone under 5'3". The right price is "free."

It would be cheaper to bring this back to life.
panasonic 10 speed road bike .great condition

howsteepisit 03-14-14 04:14 PM

That one looks like its worth 50 its probably gone already

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