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Wind Runner 03-16-14 04:33 PM

First time buying vintage Raleigh
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Saw this bike somewhere and got the specs, anyone know what it is worth?
Size 21", stand over height 31.5", top tube 21.5" will fits person 5'7" or taller
It is made of 6013-76 Heat Treated Aluminum, light weight
12 speeds with Shimano down tube shifter and rear derailleur, it shifts all gears perfectly
27" ARAYA japan made rims with 27 1/8 NEW Bontrager tires and new tubes
Wheels are true and straight and has seal bearing hubs
Quick release on both wheels
Brakes are Weinmann and works good
Very nice Japan made paddle, toe clips included if you like it
All parts are good quality original components except the new tires, tubes and saddle
Saddle bag, spare tube, tire lever, tube patch kit and bottle cage are included in the bike

oddjob2 03-17-14 02:42 AM

That photo is useless. Blown up it is still grainy. Also, need to see the components up close. Should be a name right on the top tube.

JBHoren 03-17-14 06:27 AM

I Did The "Hokey-Pokey", It Turned Me Around

Forget the link's title (above), and use this one, instead: "Two-Step Raleigh Identification Procedure"

oddjob2 03-17-14 07:20 AM


Originally Posted by JBHoren (Post 16584524)

No, the fork is wrong per the link you posted.

JBHoren 03-17-14 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by oddjob2 (Post 16584640)
No, the fork is wrong per the link you posted.

Perhaps I should have just reposted the contend of the linked post, rather than only the link... or, changed the title. The danger of shortcuts. My point was the two-step identification process. Thanks for the gentle pointer.

Wind Runner 03-17-14 10:22 PM

Sorry the bike's model is the Raleigh Technium 460. Asking price was $250.

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