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finleysteel 03-17-14 05:10 AM

Benotto 5000 Frame Identification - Any Ideas?
Hello - Can anybody shed some light on this frame?

I bought this Benotto Frame in the Netherlands a few months ago. I knew it was something special and my initial thought was a Benotto 5000/Profil but had never seen one before. As you can see in the photos, the frame has been repainted in what i presume is a riding clubs colours. And now i'm trying to find out what it is so I can fully refinish and rebuild back to its original spec.

After weeks of trawling through the internet looking for Benotto 5000's and any other models of that time I cannot find the same frame as mine.

The closest I can find was from a post on RetroBike. photos here:

The differences from normal 5000's and this frame:
The chain stays - Not diamond shape and missing the bridge between them.
The dropouts are filed down Campag that I've never seen before.
There is no 'dent' in the seat tube to accommodate the rear wheel clearance.
Also the cable routing pop's out in slightly different places.

What is this Frame????????

All Photos are here:

Thanks for your help.

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