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Nafty 03-17-14 12:36 PM

1993 Bianchi Eros - appraisal
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I have a 1993 (57cm) Bianchi EROS. It is in very good condition (Black and Fuscia) with new Bontranger (700x23) tires and leather racing seat, and Shimano components (Deore LX derailers/RX 100 Brakes)

I'm looking to get a fair appraisal for it as I've just upgraded to a new ride and would like to sell this one. I spent $300 last year on tun-up, new inner tubes/tires and seat.

Thank you for your help!

Phil_gretz 03-17-14 01:43 PM

Nice bike 3x7, Shimano indexed, solid brakes, and interesting color. Why not keep it as a backup bike? You paid a LOT for two tires, a saddle, and a tune up. But, you got good tires. In Wash DC, where I would be selling it, it could fetch maybe $325 with superb photos, thorough cleaning and detailing, an excellent write up, and everything in perfect working order. To move it quickly, $295. The Bianchi name helps, triggering an irrational response from buyers.

Invest time in preparing and photographing the bike. Do a thorough write up designed to appeal to a buyer who wants something older but "nicer", and you'll do fine. Good luck.

mongol777 03-17-14 01:48 PM

OP is in Toronto, super hot market (starting to wake up from long winter) - I was thinking $400 as quick and easy sell.
I agree on pictures and write up - I would take ~8-10 nice sunny days pictures (spit and shine before the session), post on Kijiji, CL and pinkbike

Bianchigirll 03-17-14 06:17 PM

It is a '91 and a fabulous machine! We sold a lot of those great performer but lots of utility.

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