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sevoro 05-09-15 07:32 PM

Temporary heading
I'm changing this thread temporarily as the content in it was identical to the one in the ad and was showing up as a first result in Google. I'll change it back once everything has been finalized and won't conflict.

jetboy 05-09-15 08:10 PM

sounds like a good bike that might be a bit small- but it depends on body type. I tend to prefer a smaller bike myself for city riding: I am 188cm and have no problem with a 56cm bike for 30 - 50 minute rides in the city - easy to carry over turnstiles and stick on trains etc. others will disagree on this but..

sounds like the seller is a business or semi-pro at bikes: and is in full sales mode- for example: shimano 600 was not the top end at the time, but it was NEAR the top end.. and is very good.

oddjob2 05-09-15 08:25 PM

I agree with Jetboy that it is likely one size too small for you. You'd be happier on a 58cm frame or even a 60cm, measured from center of crank to center of top tube or where the seat post clamp bolt is located.

A racing bike is not ideal for a noob to ride in urban traffic. The tires are skinny and offer minimal cushioning on rough roads, no room under the brakes for fenders, and no eyelets for racks either.

FMV as described, about $300-$400 depending on market area, if the paint is very clean.

xiaoman1 05-09-15 08:32 PM

sevoro, hard to give a price with no pics
measure your inseam to get an idea of the correct size of the frame or better ask for the standover height. this is only on variable but it will get you close. I think the frame is Tange (tong gee as in geese)1 which is a great tubing and light in weight. 600 is also a great group-set and can run with the best of them.
I would recommend that you ride the bike as this is the only way to see if you like it and if it fits you.
I did not see the price listed, that might temper the deal.
Also be sure to remember the 3c's condition, condition, condition, a great buy on a bike has much to do with this, if you have a poor finish and it needs parts this could add up....even if the seller says all is well....this is the reason for the test ride and visual.:D:D
good luck, Ben

sevoro 05-09-15 08:46 PM

Thanks! And thank you jetboy and oddjob2. I've added photos, and my inseam was measured to be roughly 79cm or 31 inches. I didn't post the asking price just to get an idea of what other people think without potentially being influenced.

Kactus 05-09-15 09:02 PM

The seller has the size incorrect. A 23" frame equals 58.4cm. I do agree with others that it may be a bit small for you; I'm 5'10 with a 30" inseam and feel most comfortable on a 23" (or 58cm) frame (c-t). It looks like a nice bike however and definitely worth a visit if close to you. Test ride it and if it fits and the price is reasonable it would be worthy of consideration IMO.

jetboy 05-09-15 10:46 PM

i also noticed that the 23" did not match with the 55.4 cm but assumed that the cm was correct... not really sure why. with pics it does look like a very well kept bike - id be thinking its worth $350 or so. ( one is for sale locally at that.. though yours looks slightly better)

i'd go see it, give it a ride and see what you think. I do pretty much exclusively city riding (in san francisco.. so its not an easy city) and I agree that its not a noob bike: but, if you are thinking to ride light with a small pack - don't mind getting dirty on the ride and cleaning yourself (and the bike) at the end.. and want something easy to pack up and down stairs etc - it looks like a good choice to me.

but: since you admit no preference for vintage bikes: I'd be remiss not to say that for city riding.. its much more convenient to have brifters(STI). they allow you to never take the hands from the bars/brakes while shifting- which makes for much smoother transitions from stop lights etc.

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