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sefedelic 05-13-15 07:29 PM

Raleigh Record
I am looking for a road bike and found this Raleigh Record 10 speed road bike 1980's

$250 seems a bit expensive but I have no clue and wondering what you all think? Also, is this a good bike overall or do you have any other recommendations for a road bike of this style in the $250-$300 or lower range?

jon c. 05-13-15 08:07 PM

Too high, IMO. Records are the bottom of the Raleigh line and that was not among the better years of Records. Chicago is a pricey market, but I still think that's overpriced.

There are a multitude of good brands of vintage steel bikes so there are too many to name, but if you page through this forum you can learn a lot from other queries.

Generally speaking, stem shifters are indicative of lower end models so I'd look for bikes with downtube shifters.

Clang 05-13-15 08:40 PM

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There are better deals to be had:

Have for sale a trek 400 series road is in great condition ready to ride had great wheels set and parts all shimanno 600 .new grips tubes tires wheels seat water cage and more tuned up and ready to ride nice blue frame double butted chro molly frame 600 series 55 56cm frame good for a 5 5 rider and taller. Great summer bike lightweight super fast and solid. aasking 300

Here's something that's a little higher quality than the Raleigh you posted, with a sweet fade paint job and a much more reasonable price:
[h=2]Japanes made nishiki-pink - $120[/h]Japanes made nishiki-pink

High quality and lightweight for an 80's road bike. Don't know the exact size but it should fit someone 5'7 or taller. Runs smooth and brakes well only needs new shifter cables. Asking $120 obo need to sell asap

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