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IcySmooth52 05-15-15 05:59 PM

Judge a Seller by Their Ad
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Reading this ad made me laugh because of the lifestyle I'd bet the seller has.
2012 Fuji Roubaix 3.0
An overpriced 2ndhand road bike with NO USE leaning against a big SUV. It's located in a nice middle-class suburb.

With this information, I bet they tried to lose weight and never had the motivation to. Eventually accepted their "nice" road bike wasn't going to see any use besides being moved in the garage, (and road biking wasn't as cool because you needed to take steroids to be fast as the news found out). So I'll sell it for $100 less than I paid 3 years ago!

RISKDR1 05-15-15 06:04 PM

Or, maybe they just moved up to a more expensive bike because they can. OR, maybe she got it and the SUV in the divorce and she is selling his bike and keeping the SUV and all of his money.

FastJake 05-15-15 06:13 PM

Sorry dude. I like your style, but I think you're stretching a little on this one. Pulling a lot out of thin air.

Also worth noting is that most sellers seem to use about 0.1% of their brain when posting a craigslist ad. So don't read into it too much. Other than, sellers are lazy.

oddjob2 05-15-15 06:21 PM

Maybe she wants a step thru or mixte. Better yet, many teens get a nice bike two years before they get their drivers license and then the bike just sits.

Nothing wrong with a large SUV, IF your wintery roads, family size, dog, work, or toy and lifestyle requires it. I had a golden retriever, ski boat, pontoon boat, Airstream, 26' utility trailer, and several homes to furnish. A full size SUV comes in very handy transporting food and beverages for 10 guys on a 4 night race from Newport RI to Bermuda, or hauling back half a yachting crew and gear back from Mackinac Island to Detroit. And it's especially nice when you can load a full size refrigerator, 30" Viking range, or fencing into the back of it without thinking twice about it. I've kept my 12 year old Expedition, but most of my driving is by Mini Cooper S; I'm a true Gemini!

IcySmooth52 05-15-15 06:26 PM

Originally Posted by FastJake (Post 17808826)
Sorry dude. I like your style, but I think you're stretching a little on this one. Pulling a lot out of thin air.

I know that even if my OP was 100% true on the assumptions, it wouldn't be 100% of the story.

It was just a joke people. Funny to think about the other end of the internet. I wasn't judging a book by its cover. (Title of thread was meant to be a play on that saying).

eschlwc 05-15-15 06:41 PM

maybe she got into c&v, realizing bikes made after '88 are ugly as ****.

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