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vanvanj 05-17-15 07:56 PM

Trek 310 Elance
Whats a good price for this bike? I had a 330 Elance a decade ago, this is the right side, thoughts?

NYC market might be highest in country so keep your low balls to yourselves:)

Vintage Trek 310 Élance

oddjob2 05-17-15 08:10 PM

As pictured, for a keeper/rider, FMV about $250 +/- $25. Looks more like 56cm than a 58cm.

BTW, metro NYC prices are tame relative to Canadian metro areas.

OldsCOOL 05-18-15 01:47 PM

You could find one elsewhere for less money but if it fits and what you want, jump on it. Decent bike, more of their lower level offerings. I found one for 60.00 in excellent condition and had a friend snap it up. Here, it would be high priced at 200.00 and part is area and part is the model of Trek.

FastJake 05-18-15 02:15 PM

Nice bike but nothing special. Overpriced for my market but maybe realistic in yours. Around here that would be $200 MAX in that condition.

+1 more like 58cm, too big to be a 56cm.

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