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dailycommute 05-18-15 11:16 AM

1987 lotus express
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Yeah, I know not worth much, but have not seen one before. Doing some trading offers with a local flipper and this one is being thrown in as closer material. Once tuned maybe 100? 150 seems optimistic for my area but is a bit unusual. Alternative to express a 94 mb6 is a possiblity. Probably same price range though, it may be easier to sell. The express does have a knock off leather saddle but not sure of make.

zukahn1 05-18-15 11:31 AM

I would change out the saddle to something basic that matches the bike as for value not alot. Good basic 80's vintage ATB style bikes just don't seem to draw much interest, these one looks to be a pretty generic Taiwanese bike from the mid 80's. In really nice ready to ride condition with a different saddle maybe $100-125 I would invest a lot of time money into selling it.

dailycommute 05-18-15 11:43 AM

Basically the lotus is being thrown in for free as flipper really wants a hardtail of mine and has another bike to trade for it + lotus or rb6. I think maybe take the lotus, remove the saddle and pump, put beater saddle on and move it out 80-100. The saddle and pump might look really good on a 1984 miyata 210 I bought from same flipper yesterday that is cleaning up very nicely so far. Will post some pictures of that once the build/overhaul is finished.

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