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should i buy this Peugeot Road Bike?

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should i buy this Peugeot Road Bike?

I found this bike here on craigslist for only $30, it does look quite beat up, though for only 30 bucks im very tempted. Plus i have never had a road bike, what do you guys think? Should i get it?
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I'll give you 30 bucks just for the head light.
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Depends on what you want to do with it. If you're looking for a road bike in neglected condition to fix up and ride, I'm not so sure. Figure out what you would have to spend to get the bike in good condition including any work that you would have to contract out. Even if you do all the work yourself, stuff isn't free. Personally, I'd not want to put a lot of work and effort and money into an old bike and end up with one that still had those brake calipers and steel rims (if they are steel).

What I'm trying to say is that $30 bicycles are not necessarily cheap.

But, if you think you can refurb it on the cheap and turn it, or if you figure there are more than $30 worth of usable parts, then it might be a bargain.
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at $30, i would be tempted. it's mid-sized, which is always worth something.

i'd rebuild it before buying new bar tape or tires, just to ensure the brakeset and everything worked well enough.
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The top tube looks to be bent and it also appears to have a big dent in the middle. Probably just my old eyes, but something to be aware of, just in case...

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...something funny looking about that top tube - or is it just camera lens curvature?
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First question: is the bike a good size for you? If you wanted a "practice bike" to learn some basic mechanicking on, this one would be a decent candidate; it needs a lot done to it. (And you could recoup some of your costs by selling Rocky your headlight). It will never have a high enough resale value to consider fixing it up to make some money; it's a low end bike and NOT a "screaming deal" at $30. Also, check in person to see if that top tube is bent, as the pic makes it look.

If you want to get into road biking and don't want to have to mess around too much fixing up a bike, pass, and save up a little more scratch to buy a bike that's ready to go. Also, this one looks like it might be old enough to have funny French threading in all the wrong places.
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Fixed typo in thread title and moved from C&V to Appraisals with 3 day redirect.
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bent top tube was my first thought.

I'd pass in any case. It would cost too much to get in good working order. If it were a nicer model to begin with, maybe.
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Add $100 to get on road....check for seized seat post and stem....

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