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jetboy 06-23-15 07:51 PM

diamondback "master" heir to ironman?
what say you all? looks like a nice bike- and the name might bring the price down :)

anyone have one of these? does it compare to the centurion ironman?

he wants $200 which is about $100 less than an ironman goes for around here.

oddjob2 06-23-15 08:47 PM

If you have an Ironman already, what's this one for? I think I've read here they are very similar.

jetboy 06-23-15 09:08 PM

actually I already have 2... :)

one cannot have too many ironman......ironmen? ironmans?

thinktubes 06-23-15 09:19 PM

Different than an Ironman. The DB is Tig welded, vs. the lugged ironman. I've owned both - can't go wrong. The DB had a more Modern feel.

Bianchigirll 06-24-15 06:50 AM

Centurion and Diamond Back were both brand names marketed by Western States Importer (WSI) at some time around '90 they dropped the Centurion name and rebranded the bikes with Diamond Back. That is also about the time they went to the Tigged frames which was likely a cost savings.

I wonder if the deal with Dave Scott went sour and dropping the Centruion name was the only way to scrap the deal. Or they were just cashing in the popularity of their MTBS by rebranding their road bikes.

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