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sigurrosss 07-12-15 03:18 PM

Monark Flyg Stål Road Bicycle
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I have a vintage Monark Flygstal bicycle and, given that fact that I am moving across the country and have a few other bikes, I am looking to part with it. I am not a bike expert by any means, just an enthusiast of vintage bicycles and riding, so I will do my best via pictures to show you the bike. From the research I've done, I really haven't found much information on these bikes, so any help would be appreciated.

From what I can gather the crankset appears to be a "Competition Stronglight Marque Deposee"...I guess that's what I'm most curious about. It could be worthless for all I know, but, like I said, I'm fairly ignorant. The sprocket reads 'Brevete SGD'.


big chainring 07-13-15 08:26 AM

That's a really interesting bike. Late 60's or early 70's. The crank/chainrings are nice. Stronglight made a nice cottered crank back then. Frame looks good quality too. You don't see many Monarks. Condition is really rough. Value as it sits, probably in the $100-125 range.

juvela 07-13-15 11:58 AM

looks early to mid 1960's. this is a quality model. it may be a model 319.

the forum has an extensive thread on Swedish bicycles here:

a very similar model was posted here:

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